Reusable makeup remover wipes

While no doubt convenient, makeup remover wipes are generally terrible for the environment. It can take years for just one wipe to break down in a landfill, so imagine the waste that accumulates over the course of a year for just one person using disposable makeup wipes.

Since the dawn of makeup remover wipes, I’ve definitely used my fair share of these bad boys and have significantly cut back my usage. I currently have a mini pack that I bought months ago and am conscious to use one only when I really need to, like for the gym or traveling.

Reusable water bottle

We know by now that plastic water bottles are a huge damper on the environment. Over a million plastic bottles are purchased every minute. Minute! Single-use plastic does not only end up in landfills, where it takes hundreds of years to decompose, shockingly, over 30% of it ends up in our oceans.

I always keep a few reusable bottles on hand - it means that I automatically reduce my plastic consumption because I’m always refilling my bottle. Not only that, I drink a lot more water than I used to now, and my favorite bottle from Amazon keeps water cold (or hot) for literally hours no matter the weather.

A side bonus is that I also save a lot of money over the course of a year. #winning

Reusable coffee/tea cup

Lots of us love a barista-style drink served up in a cute to go cup with a little cardboard sleeve to keep your hand from getting too hot. Cute right? Sadly, this ritual is often super wasteful and an example of utilizing plastic and paper unnecessarily, for unnecessary purchases.

While I’d never suggest something crazy like deciding to forgo your fave morning drink, we can be more mindful about our consumption. Whether it’s taking in a reusable coffee/tea cup, passing on the to go lid, sleeve, or even the little stir/lid plug thing, these are all ways to be even just a little better in daily life.

Reusable straws and utensils

Going strawless alone might not save the planet, but it will make a huge impact. Some corporations, like Disney and Marriott, which historically have handed out lots of straws on the reg, have pledged to go strawless. Many cities have banned straws, too. I’m super grateful that my city, LA, imposed a straw ban by 2021 - going an important step further than California law which requires that customers request a straw before it’s handed out.

Everyone has their individual preferences, but for me, my life is minimally impacted and I’m generally happier without a straw (there are obviously caveats to this, like, I definitely need a straw with a smoothie. Or a margarita). If you’re not into letting go of your straw habits yet, check out some of the great finds below that you can keep at home and stash in your day bag to take along with you.

Reusable grocery and produce bags

This is one of the easier swaps for me to implement. For years I’ve kept a handful of totes in the kitchen at home and in my car. By doing this, I always have bags at the ready when I need one and really never need a plastic bag.

I lived in England when they implemented a charge on plastic bags as one of the first to do this, the results were stunning. A full plastic bag ban is coming into place later in 2020.

I’ve recently bought reusable produce bags after realizing how many of these we go through on a monthly basis.

What are some simple swaps you’ve made (or want to make!) to be a bit more conscious in your daily life?